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We are a voluntary organisation of credit union supervisors. We have an executive committee of seven people who are elected bi-annually from credit unions from all over the island of Ireland at our annual conference and AGM which takes place in November of each year We enjoy a very close working relationship with the Irish League of Credit Unions and although we are an independent entity, we consider ourselves complimentary to the ethos and workings of the League, particularly in relation to the education and training of supervisory committees. We consult with them regularly regarding the furthering of the competency levels of volunteers at board and supervisory levels and we design our courses accordingly. At our education and training events we utilise the knowledge and skills of the tutors and personnel from a panel of tutors approved by both them and the NSF.

Every year we endeavour to further the level of expertise within the credit union movement by hosting a range of training events and workshops for credit union participants. These educational events are arranged throughout the year at a number of locations around Ireland (including Northern Ireland) and are always very well attended.

We hold an annual Credit Union Summer Forum in association with the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick where a range of topics and issues in relation to the credit union sector are discussed and debated between the participants and distinguished tutors. This will be held on the June of each year.

The  one day seminar in association with the University of Limerick entitled ‘De-mistifying Credit Union Accounts’ to be held in the Kemmy Business School of the University of Limerick early September.

We make good use of social media to interact and network with our members utilising it to benchmark from each other and adopt best practice methods and solutions to issues and problems we encounter.

We are regarded and referred to by the Irish Governments Minister for Finance and his department as an expert group in relation to credit unions in Ireland and have been and continue to be consulted in relation to matters affecting credit unions in Ireland. We meet regularly with the Central Bank of Ireland particularly in relation to regulations involving the credit union movement. We interact with the United Kingdom’s Prudential Regulatory Authority regarding matters of concern to credit unions in Northern Ireland.

National Supervisors Forum or NSF is run by a group of volunteers who are themselves active members of Supervisory Committees/Board Oversight Committee within their own respective credit unions. The NSF itself is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and relies on affiliation fees from credit unions.

We will be holding our own annual conference on the  in Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny  at which delegates representing credit unions from all over the Island of Ireland will be attending.


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