Do’s and Don’ts for Supervisors Northern Ireland


  1. Do make an examination of the books and documents of the Credit Union at least twice a year.
  2. This examination should also include an inspection of securities, cash accounts and all documents and records relating to loans.
  3. Do make or cause to make a comparison of the passbooks or other statements of 10% of the membership with the records of the Credit Union at least once a year.
  4. Do maintain up-to-date records of verifications of the above.
  5. Do determine whether or not all actions and decisions of the Officers relating to the Credit Union are in accordance with the appropriate laws and rules.
  6. Do report in writing the results of any such examination or inquiry to the AGM or SGM.
  7. Do complete all returns or reports that may from time to time deemed necessary.
  8. Do familiarise yourself with your Credit Union’s history, philosophy and rules.
  9. Do ensure you’re up to speed with the Northern Ireland Act and the CBE PRA CREDS 2.2 and how it impacts on your Credit Union and its policies.
  10. Do prepare for any meeting you plan to attend. Read all reports and documents sent to you well in advance.
  11. Do attend training and education seminars on a regular basis. Try and keep up to date with new developments.
  12. Do constantly search for ways to increase your knowledge and improve your expertise.


  1. Don’t judge the decisions of the officers on your personal desires or criteria.
  2. Don’t create dissension amongst committee members and employees.
  3. Don’t directly correct any employee of the credit union if you see errors in their work. Report any such errors to the Board who will take the appropriate action.
  4. Don’t make any report based on rumour or inaccurate information.

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