NSF AGM Presentations 2013

The presentations from workshops

1 Dave Mathews         The Requirements of Effective Risk Management
2 Elaine O’Neill          The role of the Nomination Committee
3 Una McDevitt          Board Oversight Committee Appraisal of the BoD
4 Michael Mullens     Understanding the new Fitness and Probity requirements
5 Dave Mathews        Effective oversight of CU accounting system
6 Michael Mullens     Credit Union compliance with new legislation
7 Keith Savage (NI)    Supervisors Responsibilities & New Legislation
8 Tom Kiely                 Preparing for PRISM visit
9 Una McDevitt N.I.  Credit Unions FCA-PRA Requirements

Sharon Donnery’s Registrar of Credit Union, speech at he NSF AGM- also available on the Central bank Website

S. Donnery’s speech

Nomination Committee

Preparing for PRISM 2013

Board Assessment 2013

Risk Management NSF

Effective Oversight of the Accounting System

Credit Unions FCA-PRA Requirements NI UMD

Understanding the new Fitness and Probity requirements MM

Supervisors Responsibilities & New Legislation KS

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