Policies in a Credit Union

The Board shall approve, review, and update, where necessary, but at least annually, all plans, policies and procedures of the credit union, including the following:

i. Lending policies including lending limits;

ii. Policies in relation to members’ shares and deposits including the setting of a maximum number of shares a member can hold and a maximum amount that a member may deposit;

iii. Liquidity management policies;

iv. Reserve management policies;

v. Investment policies;

vi. The designating of depositories for the funds of the credit union and signatories to cheques, drafts or similar documents drawn on the credit union;

vii. Standards of conduct and ethical behaviour for officers;

viii. Remuneration policies and practices;

ix. Compliance plan and policies;

x. Records management policies;

xi. Information systems and management information policies;

xii. Business continuity plan;

xiii. Asset and liability management policies;

xiv. Outsourcing policies;

xv. Risk management policy;

xvi. Conflicts of interest policy;

xvii. Other policies recommended by the NSF Nomination and succession planning policy;

xviii. Human Resources policy

xix. Fitness and Probity policy;

xx. Anti Money laundering policy;

xxi. Auditing and internal Audit policies;

xxii. Governance and Executive policy;

xxiii. Strategic Planning policy

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